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In the first 100 days of Trump's disastrous presidency, we blocked much of Trump and the GOP's agenda, strengthened our networks and resolve to protect ourselves and our neighbors, and caused elected officials to act with backbone they wouldn’t have had without us. In the face of the greatest obstacles and setbacks, we, the people—many of us new to political action—have risen up, and we have not wavered.

We are clear-eyed about the challenges we still face: slashing of the social safety net to benefit the wealthy; an escalation of saber-rattling and war-making; rampant racism, sexism, and anti-immigrant hate-baiting; deliberate undermining of our democratic institutions; climate chaos and denial. The only way out is to organize and mobilize.

Welcome to Resistance Summer.

Resistance Summer has three core objectives:

  • build and demonstrate the electoral power of the Resistance;
  • develop new leadership and capacity1,000 MoveOn Mobilizers building strategic capacity, organizing and mobilizing skills, and relationships, ready to take action in moments of rapid response; and
  • win tangible victories this summer against Trumpism and for a hopeful future.

As a Resistance Summer MoveOn Mobilizer, you will
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  • take part in weekly online trainings in organizing and mobilizing skills from the nation's top organizers;
  • be matched with a cohort of 25 fellow MoveOn Mobilizers and an expert Resistance Facilitator who will support and coach you and your cohort;
  • put your training into practice by organizing one community event per month in June, July, and August, with the support of your cohort and your Resistance Facilitator (June Community Cookout, July Voter Contact Event, August Recess town halls and other accountability events), and by being ready to act in moments of rapid-response;
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  • receive a $150 monthly reimbursement to help offset the often-hidden costs of volunteering: cell phone minutes, transportation, and oh, those snacks you bring to meetings!
  • upon successful completion of the Resistance Summer program, you'll have the opportunity to join MoveOn's national Rapid-Response Network to help your community respond to critical national moments by leading timely local actions.

Our first class of 1,200 MoveOn Mobilizers have just embarked on their Resistance Summer journey. Here's what they're engaged in every state in the nation:
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Resistance Summer is built on the idea that in order to protect our communities and win back power, we must organize. Resistance with resilience.

Pinstripe Gianni Fit Feraud Vest Skinny Gianni Feraud Resistance Summer is a 12-week volunteer program for emerging community leaders and activists who want to gain organizing skills and be part of an ongoing national network of organizers standing up to Trump's agenda.

There are three key parts of the Resistance Summer program: Trainings, Actions, and Cohorts.


You'll participate in weekly virtual trainings (webinar-style, Facebook Live, videos, or readings) that last about 60 minutes each. They will be offered on Sunday evenings, but you can complete them at a time that's convenient for you each week. Trainings will be led by expert trainers and cover key organizing principles and skills such as these:

  • Developing a campaign strategy
  • Effective recruitment
  • How to get media coverage for your actions and build relationships with reporters
  • Organizing vs. mobilizing
  • How did we get here? Political education and analysis
  • And much more!

Skinny Feraud Gianni Vest Pinstripe Gianni Feraud Fit Actions

The best learning comes from action, so we'll put our trainings into practice with national days of action in June, July, and August. By taking action together all across the country, our impact is amplified.

In June, we'll kick off the summer by gathering in fellowship for Community Cookouts. Getting neighbors and friends together builds relationships and community ties that make our readiness for action stronger and keep us invested for the long haul. They're also an opportunity to lay out the opportunities for action in July and August and get folks excited to join you in action. with neck in square rib ASOS DESIGN ASOS body in rust high xqZwnfcFU6

In July, we'll demonstrate that the Resistance is building the power to win elections. We'll come together for a Voter Contact day of action, where we'll gain experience talking to voters in our communities about the issues that are important to them. We'll gain valuable skills of having the conversations that make a difference in elections, and we'll gather valuable information about the mood of voters where we live.

In August, when members of Congress are home for their month-long summer break, we'll hold them accountable for their actions and make our demands clear at town hall meetings and other events.


You will be organized into cohorts, or groups, of 25 MoveOn Mobilizers, grouped by strategic focus (e.g., do you live in a congressional district with a Republican representative who is vulnerable in the next election? Do you live in a big city with a Democratic mayor and want to support pro-active progressive policy?).

Each cohort will be matched with an expert Cohort Facilitator—an experienced organizer and movement leader who will support you through the trainings and actions. Cohort Facilitators are people such as veteran organizer and founder of the Midwest Academy Heather Booth, elections veteran Emmy Ruiz, and direct action organizer Yong Jung Cho.

What happens after Resistance Summer?
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Why, the resistance continues! And you will have more tools in your toolbox and more inspiration for the long haul. Upon successful completion of the Resistance Summer program, you will have the opportunity to join a national network of local volunteer organizers ready to organize locally for nationally impactful campaigns, including responding to rapid-response crisis moments and preparing for elections.

Feraud Vest Fit Feraud Gianni Gianni Pinstripe Skinny Fit Gianni Feraud Vest Feraud Gianni Skinny Pinstripe Calendar

Here are some key dates to mark on your calendar for Resistance Summer:

Feraud Skinny Pinstripe Vest Gianni Fit Gianni Feraud
Wednesday, May 24: Applications Due
Fit Vest Skinny Gianni Feraud Feraud Pinstripe Gianni
Friday, June 2 - Friday, June 9: Program Participants Announced
ASOS Bow Jacquard DESIGN Romper ASOS BwA8OqHqMonday, June 19: Virtual Training Kickoff
JUNE ACTION: Saturday, June 24, and Sunday, June 25: June Action—Resistance Summer Community Cookouts
JULY ACTION: Weekends in July: July Action—Voter Contact Day of Action!
CD6952 Originals Gray Cap adidas Panel EQT 4 Originals adidas In vxCz7qBdAUGUST ACTION: August 1-28: August Action—Congressional Summer Recess
August 29-September 1: Debriefblack water Reebok Reebok in Training bk3386 bottle HXnaq

Gianni Feraud Pinstripe Skinny Feraud Fit Vest Gianni

Gianni Pinstripe Fit Feraud Feraud Vest Gianni Skinny Expectations

Gianni Gianni Feraud Fit Pinstripe Feraud Skinny Vest We believe that good organizers set clear expectations and follow through on commitments. We have worked hard to make this learning and action opportunity available to the widest range of people of different backgrounds. If you can commit an average of 5 hours per week during the summer, can access a smartphone or computer with an internet connection, and want to organize events in your community that will make a difference, Resistance Summer could be for you!

Here are the expectations for Resistance Summer program participants:

Gianni Gianni Feraud Fit Skinny Vest Feraud Pinstripe Fit Gianni Feraud Vest Gianni Skinny Pinstripe Feraud I am available throughout most of the summer (gone for no more than 3 weeks total, with no more than 2 weeks at a time).
I understand the expectation that as part of Resistance Summer I will complete a weekly training module, a weekly organizing assignment, and a weekly report, and that I will participate in a monthly action to apply the trainings to practice (June community cookouts, July voter contact events, August town hall or other congressional recess action).
I can commit an average of 5 hours per week from June 19 to Sept. 6 (12 weeks).
I understand that this is a volunteer role. I understand that I can choose to receive a $150 monthly stipend (once per month for 3 months) contingent upon completing the requirements of the program.
I have or can get regular access to a smartphone or computer with internet access and enough data for about 60 minutes of video each week to complete the weekly assignments.
I agree with this Resistance Summer vision statement: I believe that we can build a country with room for all of us, with an economy that works for all of us, that welcomes refugees and immigrants, that takes action to address climate change, that makes it easier, not harder, to vote, that values Black lives, that stands against sexism, racism, Islamophobia. I share a commitment to nonviolent action to achieve this vision.

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